Origins Of Tea

According to Chinese legend, tea was discovered thousands of years ago when the emperor Shen Nong was boiling water in the shade of a tea tree. When a few leaves blew into the water and settled there, the emperor discovered a delightful brew which was considered sacred and was consumed by the nobility. Today tea is drunk throughout the world and is a celebration of a beverage with a 5000 year history.

Heaven, Earth & Man – the cosmic trinity of tea

True tea aficionados know that the perfect cup is the culmination of a ‘Cosmic Trinity’ of Heaven (Tien) above and Earth (Di Li) and Man (Ren) below.


The weather must be timely – the sun and the rain need to come at the right time.


The Earth needs to give her natural goodness to nourish the tea plant.


And Man – the tea master and the team of people - need to work together with passion.

The perfect cup of tea

Only when these three elements work in harmony can the perfect tea be made.