Sourcing With Care


We buy our teas during the peak harvesting season.

Authentic Suppliers

We buy our teas from master curators with years of experience & expertise.

Selection of Teas

We select the best tea grades which are representative of the traditional leaf grades.


Our rigorous quality assurance process is from leaf to the cup, ensuring the best quality at all times.

Special Storage

Our teas are exquisite and some require special storage conditions like freezers which we are very particular about.

Tea Collection

Featuring teas from China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Africa, our range offers a unique selection for tea connoisseurs to enjoy.

Why we believe in Pyramid Teabags

Leaf Quality

  • Standard teabags usually use broken particles which produce an astringent brew with little flavour & aroma
  • Pyramid teabags use the full tea leaf which give the full taste & character of the tea

Teabag Quality

  • The standard teabag uses a double chamber which has no space for the tea leaves to unfurl & brew
  • The non woven pyramid teabags are biodegradable and have space for the tea leaves to brew


  • The standard teabag has the tea leaves bunched up due to less space
  • The pyramid teabag allows the leaves to unfurl beautifully and brew